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Even an average drafter is actually paying for closer to 1.5x drafts, because of what you get back. As you get better and win more, this goes up substantially.So yeah, I think that is pretty generous, actually. Some people have figured out the system and are reaping the benefits.I have done 10 GoR draft (standard version for 750 gems) this week, 3 of those were 7/x 1 was a 2/3, 1 a 4/3 and the remaining were 5 and 6 wins.My winrrate is a little over 63%.It still has costed me around >1000 gems, which albeit not being a big sum it is still very expensive in my opinion given the results.Maybe i am wrong in considering my results to be on the far right side of the bell curve, i haven seen data about it but if i am right this means the modal player is going to be giving out a crapton of money to be able to build a collection drafting.

hydro flask lids Al Ahly Sporting Club (Classical Arabic:

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